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Fight Me

——Fight Me—God said,I am picking a fight with you—let’s wrestleUntil the sun comes up, don’t quitdon’t let goI long to hear you demand a blessing from meIt is menot youI will be the God who lets you win—and you will finally be honestBecause if I am Holy—and you are honestand […]


—DaughterYou made water flow from a rockfor herYou parted the Red Seamore than oncein her lifebloodied by the side of the roadYou picked her uptired and undoneYou sent crows bringing food when she couldn’t moveYou put flesh on her bones with your WordsYou brought her back to life with your […]

Psalm 23

——Psalm 23—Surroundedenemies without and withinThe valley dark—relentless and familiaranxiety, tedium, guilt—Human without a breakA table waitsby a standing invitation—a meal of joy—a meal of healingHave a seat across from your enemywho stares without blinking—willing your demiseFeel his breath on your faceChoose to siteat, drink, restwhile your enemy belches—You lack nothingenjoy […]

Send the Ravens

———Send the Ravens—Drought means no rainGod sent the ravensto Elijahtwice a dayThey laid bread and meat before himwhile he watchedthe river run awayThey made a halo out of strawto put behind his head and said,God is feeding you This is who He is. This is who we are. The river ran […]

Our Father

——Our Father– God in heavenWhen we call your namewhat shall we say?Jesus called you, FatherHe taught us to say,Our FatherOur FatherYou have a nameIt’s personalWe are your children by faithAnd through the Holy Spirit we cry,Abba, Father!A child can wake their father up in the middle of the night to […]


Behold CharactersRich ManPoor ManSetting: The Rich Man and the Poor Man are standing upstage left, upstage right. Mary is sitting between them downstage center holding a baby. She has no dialogue. The Rich Man and the Poor Man speak to the audience. Rich Man: I’m a successful guy. Things come pretty […]

Save Me

— —Save Me God save medeliver me from those who are good—Who have no doubts about youor anythingShield me from decent peoplerich in options, positive-thinkers—bright and blessedand thoroughly socializedHide me from their glance—their smiling discomfort anddesperate need to be wise and patient  Leave meoutside the camp with Jesusand the disdain […]


  –Echoes  Look to water—your home that was on solid groundhas left youSkeletons without a ship—have a lot of room to roamSurvivors lie on the shore—and may never get upNever mind—every home is a foreign country—an ill-fitting wind, a chest of echoLook to skies—one dayyou’ll wear your homelike a seamless […]


— —Ride In the carthe more the driver fidgets—the more we may dieWhen did I lose the ability—to just ride?Naive blissful funfreedom and the open road65 miles per hour in a machine—driven by a human beingWhen did every tragedybecome plausibleevery worse-case-scenario—a spoiler alertWhen did the badbecome bigger?When did I lose […]


— – The Fisherman CharactersMan MarcusSetting: Just before dawn, on the beach of the Sea of Galilee. A man is sitting by the fire. Marcus approaches. Marcus: Hey.Man: Hello!Marcus: I’m setting up camp down the beach. I was just looking to start a fire.Man: This one’s already going. Join me! Marcus […]