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Our Father

Our Father

God in heaven
When we call your name
what shall we say?
Jesus called you, Father
He taught us to say,
Our Father
Our Father
You have a name
It’s personal
We are your children by faith
And through the Holy Spirit we cry,
Abba, Father!
A child can wake their father up in the middle of the night to ask for a glass of water
Your love is like that
It is a Parent’s love
We will fail
Your love for us will never fail
No more fear
no more deals
no more guilt or anxiety
Your name is Father

Holy is your name
So far above and beyond us
and so near to us
Nearer than our own breath
You knit us together in our mother’s womb
You say, I love you because I love you. Now seek me with all your heart
So we come
We come with our sins
We have problems
We come to ask for things
We have needs
But when we come in love we say,
Holy is your name
We are filled with gratitude
and this is what heals us
We adore you and we are made whole
Almighty Savior…

Your Kingdom Come
The Kingdom that does not enslave
does not take by force
does not rule by oppression, violence and control
Yours is the Kingdom that saves, serves, gives without merit
the Kingdom of love, peace, justice and mercy
We long to dwell there always, and so we pray
Your Kingdom come

Your will be done
Put our hearts into the fiery furnace
of your Love and Truth
Soften our will to yours
and change us
When we are anxious
teach us to relax, to trust, to wait patiently
When we are aggressive
teach us self-control, to wait, to listen
When we are apathetic
teach us to think, to care, to take action
Teach us to live in a broken world
without breaking
One with your will
One with you
We rely on your Goodness

Give us this day our daily bread
We come with humility
We come in humble reliance
with confident expectation
You give knowing that our deepest needs are inside, not outside
Knowing that sometimes we need to change
not our circumstances
Thank you that we can come to you at all
and ask for what we want
In peace we lie down and sleep
For you alone, Lord, make us dwell in safety

Forgive us our sins
You made a way back for us
We are not trapped, we are not burdened with uncertainty
If we confess our sins
you are faithful and just to forgive us
We are set free from the past
We are free in the moment
We have hope for the future
When you think of us
you see Christ paying the debt on our behalf
We then turn to those who sin against us
and forgive them

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
The evil outside
and the evil within
Deliver us from evil
When our hearts are grieved and our spirits embittered

We act like brute beasts before you, God,
and yet you hold us by the right hand
You will not let go
and soon you will take us into glory
You do not leave us as orphans
Instead, Jesus taught us to pray
He taught us who you are
Who we are
Prayer is the beautiful bridge that brings us to you
Thank you, Father, our Lord and Savior
We love you


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