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According to Your Love

  According to Your Love Undone things unkind thoughts shortcomings coming undone   according to me remember me though according to you remember the true pieces of me not the footprints   in the sand the false self makes   wherever I go I need to know   according to […]

The Playground

— —The Playground Sitting on a swing on a dark and rainy morning   before school in a coat two sizes   too big Kids from every class run past they run to get out of the rain run not to be late run while they hate Look, so weird […]

Infinity / Finality

  Infinity / Finality There’s safety in numbers count and control life goes on —as the numbers unfold count the cash, count the lines calmly keep track of passing time    scratches in groups of five on a prison wall end up being    now and then the body count […]

Promised Land

  — — Promised Landgetting on with itin the wildernessgo aheadreveal my heartas I beg for scrapsat the table of attention, affirmation, recognition along with outrageous expectations of tit for tatdefending some identity pulled from a hatdream the dream compare and despairget people on my side or diewhy don’t they […]


  –—Idols When I want something I remember—to ask for more of youWhen I’m offended I remember—you’re the only onewho needs to be pleasedWhen I walk in total darkness the torch that can be lit I leave—untouched, I choose you The path that can be seen by meis not the […]


—     RebukedThe woman’s daughter was suffering —so she pleaded with JesusThe disciples urged him to send her away—She was getting on their nervesThe children were brought to Jesus—to be held and prayed forThe mothers were rebuked by the disciples—We’re more serious than thatThe blind men on the side of the […]

The Demon is Mute

——The Demon is Mute—Under the earthlies a city whose gates —have been ripped off the hingesiron bars in the dust, tumbleweeds roll—You walked in total darkness beside shadowy soulsThree nights and three days —what did you say?The key is in handthe lie has been silenced—the demon is mutehe has nothing […]

This Dance

—— This Dance—You saidI could dance—be a dancerin this dimension, for this timeto this MusicThe music is a mystery—a mystery that I love but can’t complete in syncI don’t always land right—often get it wrongmisstepsand failed twirls—I fly wide-opentoward another dancerand find myself asking—why didn’t you catch methey say, why […]


  —–   Leper—As you stood therepeering into the distancewaiting for their returnwere you amazedthey didn’t think of you—stopped thinking of youafter they got what they wantedwhat they wanted more than youAs you stood alone wonderingdid you feel the missing piece  in your gutwhen they didn’t see you as someone […]


  Becoming Bloodsplashed against the sides of the alter  sprinkled on the peoplein their hair, their eyes, their clothesuntil the Word lay down inside the dark and bloody wombAs You languished there  becoming fleshdid you ask yourself, Is this what it feels like to be them?Toil in the realm   […]