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The Playground

— —The Playground Sitting on a swing on a dark and rainy morning   before school in a coat two sizes   too big Kids from every class run past they run to get out of the rain run not to be late run while they hate Look, so weird […]

Infinity / Finality

  Infinity / Finality There’s safety in numbers count and control life goes on —as the numbers unfold count the cash, count the lines calmly keep track of passing time    scratches in groups of five on a prison wall end up being    now and then the body count […]


—     RebukedThe woman’s daughter was suffering —so she pleaded with JesusThe disciples urged him to send her away—She was getting on their nervesThe children were brought to Jesus—to be held and prayed forThe mothers were rebuked by the disciples—We’re more serious than thatThe blind men on the side of the […]

Save Me

— —Save Me God save medeliver me from those who are Good—Who have no doubts about Youor anythingShield me from the faithful, rich—in options, positive-thinkers—bright and blessedand thoroughly socializedHide me from their glancing looks—their smiling discomfort anddesperate need to be wise and patientLeave meoutside the camp—at peace with Jesusand the […]