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The woman’s daughter was suffering
so she pleaded with Jesus
The disciples urged him to send her away
She was getting on their nerves

The children were brought to Jesus
to be held and prayed for
The mothers were rebuked by the disciples
We’re more serious than that

The blind men on the side of the road
cried out to Jesus for mercy
The crowd rebuked them
The blind were making too much noise

The woman poured perfume on Jesus’ feet
and dried his feet with her hair
The men rebuked her harshly
This is not what should have happened

Jesus rebuked the fever
and it went away
He rebuked the storm
and it became calm
He rebuked the impure spirit
and it fled
Had he rebuked us
we would have gone silent

Instead He said,
Father forgive them

And all the control-freaks were offered freedom

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