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The Faith and Drama Book

This book, Faith and Drama, contains twenty-seven short plays and seven dramatic readings for use in a variety of venues including; church services, summer camps, retreats, conferences and special events.
Christians in the West have ample opportunities to learn about the Bible from Sunday school, summer camps, Bible clubs, coffee houses and book studies. However in many countries, like the Middle East, there are relatively few believers to model and mentor others and fewer opportunities to “grow up into Christ.” (Ephesians 4:15) In those countries, theater provides the perfect opportunity to help spread the Word of God. Our lives are made up of stories; as humans we crave meaning. Jesus knew that using parables to communicate spiritual truth was effective because stories hold our attention, stir our emotions and stick in our memory. “He spoke all these things to the crowd in parables; he did not say anything to them without using a parable.” (Matthew 13:34)
The Middle East is a society already rich in the tradition of oral communication. Storytelling through drama is powerful because it is the language of the heart. The plays in this book were written to teach, encourage, and change lives. They are based on Scripture and help young believers mature in Christ by modeling what it means to be a believer. As citizens of the heavenly Kingdom who live in a secular world, they learn what their response should be to the day-to-day challenges of life. And as a hated minority in their own country, they are encouraged in every play to remember who they are in God and who God is to them.
These plays were written in this context. Now they are available in English to churches and organizations who believe in the power of the parable.
Quotes from Christian leaders
Our culture is a culture of passion, emotion and spectacle. This ministry is perfectly suited in supporting the efforts of the Church to reach out to those around them. We have found the plays to be useful and effective, and feel they have become an essential part of the local ministry.”
Orhan Ozcelik, Chairman, SILAS organization
“We felt that we were being called to provide opportunities for young people to use their talents and gifts in serving the Lord and helping to bring his Kingdom. When we met Montana we knew that the Lord heard our prayers and answered us. We also share the plays with our brothers and sisters in other cities because we know that this ministry can change people’s lives and draw people to God.”
–Yakup Ataker, Founder, Uyanış Gencliği (Revival Youth for Christ)
“From the standpoint of the actors, drama gives them a valuable opportunity to express the truths they believe in a way that avoids confrontation and threats—two things that keep them from opening up about their faith.”
–Kaan Koryurek, Pastor, Beşiktaş Church
These pieces were written and producedFacebook 00 as part of a theater ministry in the Middle East. Before becoming Project Coordinator of this ministry, Montana Lattin lived in New York City where she worked in professional theater for twenty years.

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