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There were five of us. My sister, Roxie, and I were only a year apart so we were lumped together in all things. We used to complain that our names were treated as one name in the family because they were often said that way. It was as if we […]


JURY/NEW YORK In New York you’re called up for jury duty every two years. You can delay it a few months but eventually you have to go. Getting the dreaded jury duty notice could ruin your day. I never had a job that paid my salary while I was doing […]


  NEW YORK I worked at Life Cafe for six years in the 80’s. A Broadway musical and later a film were produced that had the cafe at the center of the story. Watching your workplace turned into a Broadway musical is something everyone should try and imagine. Some of […]


MONTANA My father was born in Minnesota. They called him Frosty. His real name was Forrest Adolphus. My father’s mother died giving birth to his younger brother. A year later the baby, Cameron, also died. He died on the train that was taking him to Canada to live with relatives. […]


  MONTANA I had a dog named Sigh. We lived in a valley near the Teton river. Sigh and I would take walks on the river all the time. One Spring there were places in the river that were wide and shallow and others that were narrow and swift. We […]


ISTANBUL On one of countless trips to Taksim on the metro, I sat across a father and his grown son. During this ten-minute ride the son became anxious and was moving around in a way that drew attention. As the son’s anxiety rose, his father gently put his arm around […]