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As you stood there
peering into the distance
waiting for their return

were you amazed
they didn’t think of you
stopped thinking of you
after they got what they wanted
what they wanted more than you

As you stood alone wondering
did you feel the missing piece
  in your gut
when they didn’t see you as someone to be seen
in your human heart and soul
didn’t see you
as being someone who would ask
Where are they?

They kept their distance
in a loud voice they called
for you
their creator, their healer
but when the miracle was over
they went home

I open my eyes in the desert
and I see you
there is no distance between us
just the two of us and the black dog
who used to lick my wounds
I’m so grateful to be healed
so grateful to be here with you
surprised about the dog
surprised he still looms

Is he with me
  or with you?


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