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—God’s DaughterShe has seen you part the Red Sea—and the Jordanin her own lifeYou made water flow from a rockfor herWhen she cried, bloodied by the side of the roadYou heard herYou sent crowscarrying food when she couldn’t moveYou put flesh on her bones with your WordsYou brought her back […]

Psalm 23

——Psalm 23—Surroundedenemies without and withinThe valley dark—relentless and familiaranxiety, tedium, guilt—Human without a breakA table waitsby a standing invitation—a meal of joy—a meal of healingHave a seat across from your enemywho stares without blinking—willing your demiseFeel his breath on your faceChoose to siteat, drink, restwhile your enemy belches—You lack nothingenjoy […]